Chicken Purse – Harriet the Hen Chicken Purse Crochet PATTERN


Finished purse body: 10″W x 7″H

List of crochet stitches used in this pattern:
ch chain
sc single crochet
hdc half double crochet
dc double crochet
st stitch
ea each
rnd round
sl st slip stitch
mc magic circle
inc increase
sc-inc 2 single crochet in the same stitch
hdc-inc 2 half double crochet in the same stitch
sp space
hdc2tog half double crochet 2 together
dc2tog double crochet 2 together

Harriet the Hen Crochet Chicken Purse PATTERN is a digital pdf download.

This crochet chicken purse is a charming and whimsical accessory that combines practicality with playful design. It is a small crochet purse fashioned in the shape of a chicken. The pattern features beginner friendly crochet stitches that form the body, beak, comb, and wing (which also serves as an outside pocket).

The texture of the stitches can vary, creating a tactile and visually appealing surface that imitates the feathery appearance of a chicken. You can use your imagination when it comes to yarn selections for this purse. The pattern is written for #6 jumbo yarn with a 7 mm crochet hook, but by using a #5 weight yarn and 5.5 mm hook you can create a “mini” purse for the little toddler in your life. The color palette used for the yarn can mimic the natural colors of a chicken, such as various shades of yellow, orange, white, and red.

The body of the chicken serves as the main compartment of the purse, providing space for carrying small items like phones, keys, coins, and even eggs! The wing serves as a functional small pocket on the front of the purse. The beak is a small triangular piece that adds a delightful touch to the overall look, while the comb on top of the chicken’s head adds an extra layer of texture and detail.

The purse is completed with a crocheted strap that allows it to be worn as a crossbody bag.


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